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Election - Time to Vote

To VOTE click on the image below:




Fall Marker Lamp 2015

Click on the image below to read:

Fall 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Barry Bogs G/Gn3 Layout- San Juan Passenger Train

My dad, Barry Bogs, finished the San Juan Passenger Train several months back and i've been aiming to video it for the several months. Well life finally got out of the way for a couple of hours yesterday so I finally completed the video. Please excuse the focusing problems. This video was a learning curve for me as it was the first time i've actually recorded models with my camera.

Election Results

The ballots have been counted and the results are in!

We had 107 votes. This is down from the 2013 election (112 votes), 2014 election (around 120 votes), and the 2014 constitution change (141 votes)


Winner- Steve Barkley- 102
Write in- Mark LaChey-1
Write in- Jack Hamilton-1

Ballots Due Tomorrow!

Just a reminder to everyone that the 2015 LSR election is officially over tomorrow! If you have not already, please email me your ballots! If you already have emailed/mailed me your ballot, Thank You! 


Blake Bogs 

LSR Nomination Chair 

Casey and Cody Akin's Caboose Article

Have you seen Casey and Cody Akin's "Rio Grande and Southern #0404" caboose article in the March/April issue of th Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette? If not, it's worth the time to read; pages 26-30.

Kadee Magnets Installation and Use Video

The following video will show how to use the Kadee Magnets on your layout to uncouple your cars. Very effective system:

Staying On Track Vol20 No 12 - December 2014

See the latest "Staying On Track Vol20 No 12" the December 2014 issue. Click on the picture.


December 2014

Tommy Holt’s Railroad Class for Kids


Thought I would share a posting about Tommy Holt’s Railroad Class for Kids, here in Austin. Division 4 helped sponsor the class, and several division members donated materials and time as well, but Tommy has been the driving force in getting it done. Nice to see Model Railroading alive and well in a new generation!




Peter Kazmir

Staying On Track Vol20 No 11 - November 2014

See the latest "Staying On Track Vol20 No 11" the November 2014 issue. Click on the picture.


November 2014


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